“Duit Kutu” Is A Stupid Thing

Do you know what is Kutu ? In English, it is called plea. It lives in human hair and animal fur like dogs and monkeys. It sucks blood and makes the life of the infected persons a LIVING HELL. That why they(the animals) scratch like crazy when the fleas come for a special visit~

NO..i didnt know that humans do this..However I did KNOW that only MONKEYS help each other pick fleas off their backs n all..but human??


BUT the flea i’m going to write about here is Duit Kutu or Flea Money when translated to raw English..i don’t know what it’s called in English. but it’s very famous known as Duit Kutu.


How Duit Kutu works ?

Let say I have a friend named Hilda. Then..one day she invited me to play this ‘game’.. duit kutu…..
Only the two of us..not many people wanted to play this game, for example.
Each person has to contribute an agreed amount of money, lets say RM1, per day..
and by the end of the month (30days) the person who got picked 1st (earlier before the game started), will get the whole collection of money! i.e. RM30

Then the next cycle begins, and the 2nd person gets the 2nd round of money~
The more players we have, the more money the ‘money-earner-of-the-month’ will get!
Sounds simple right?

So, the cycle of giving out money and getting back the money continue. I give out RM30 and receive back RM30 this month, she gives out RM30 and receives RM30 next month. Then, my turn. Then, her turn.


At first impression looks good because it looks like “saving” but it is not. It is stupid. Duit kutu is stupid, pointless. The excuse given by those who play Duit Kutu, is …

1) Oh, if we keep the money ourselves, the money can be lost.

2) If the money is with us, then we may not be able to contain the “urge” to spend the money. So, by giving the money to someone else to keep through “kutu” , it will keep us from spending the money. 


It’s damn stupid ! I am not sure if this one of those stupidity of Malay culture or kampung’s, but it’s your own responsibility not to spend the money. In kutu, you solve the problem of restraining from spending money by giving to someone else. If you do not want to waste money, just don’t spend it, control yourselves from spending it, be patient, as simple as that.


But as usual, this ignorant know-nothings, usually even someone who study up to diploma or degree (useless education) who engage in kutu, these simpletons, will unconvincingly avoid the question, saying :

“oh, cannot lah. I am like that, cannot control my urge to spend.” 


Actually this doesn’t happen only when these simpletons try to defend their stupid kutu, also other stupid investment ventures. When I gave out some facts and very logical explanation, these simpletons will try to avoid the issues. I notice these Malay simpletons to avoid thinking a hard and objective analysis. They will instead prefer “peaceful / harmonious view”, always want to “feel good only”, want “colorful but empty talking” rather than difficult objective arguments. These Malay simpletons and their “feel good only” attitude sticks them to their stupid Malay money management method (not only in kutu but also in others like ASB loan etc)


If you invest your money in kutu, your money will never grow. It’s very basic understanding but the Malay simpleton with its “feel good only” mentality cannot see it.


You put your money in the hand of kutu money manager. The manager keep the kutu money collected from everyone and put in in bank (maybe) until next month because you need to pay back one of the kutu participants. You do not earn interest from saving from not even 1 month.


If you, just utilize your god given brain for a little, you can use part of your money to save in ASB to earn 7% dividend for example. It’s hard to go the bank to withdraw your ASB, so basically you can avoid yourselves from spending money. You do not need to your kutu friend to “stop” you from spending your money, there is no reason for that.


Hi all simpletons, for your information, duit kutu is illegal !


Do you know Akta (Larangan) Kumpulan Wang Kutu 1971.


Subject to conviction, you can be fined up to RM500,000 and imprisoned up to 10 years 


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